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Getting started is simple!
The first thing you'll need to do is to REGISTER.
PlastX jobs can only be accessed on the PlastX app, so you'll need your mobile phone with internet access and an email account...

Cartoon Selfie_edited.png

When you register on the PlastX App, you'll need to confirm your date of birth. We'll also ask you to upload a recent, clear photo of yourself. (Only the person shown in the photo will be allowed to deliver plastic and receive payment!)

PlastX is a WEB APP, so you can't download it from an app store. 

Use this link to access the app and register.


We'll let you know by email as soon as your registration is approved, and then you'll be able to use the app to search for jobs.

OK - I've registered! What do I need to do before I can start collecting?

You need to know EXACTLY what to collect.

PlastX jobs are very specific, and the App will tell you precisely what the buyer wants. (it might be blue bottle caps, or clear PET drink bottles, or white LDPE plastic bags). It's your job to understand the requirements, and ONLY bring in the plastic requested.

PET Bottles_edited.png
PET Bottles_edited.png
Crumpled Bag.lite.AdobeStock_290327936.png
PET Bottles_edited.png

But don't worry! We've created this great guide that will help you understand all the different kinds of plastic you're likely to be collecting - plus you'll find detailed job specifications on the website here

Be Smart, Be Safe...


Collecting plastics at your work, home, or at a business is easy and generally safe. But for collecting further afield, you may need to take some precautions. We recommend that PlastX Collectors always equip themselves with gloves and a face mask, and maybe even a pair of kitchen tongs.

Protective gloves.lite.AdobeStock_127406939.png
Face Mask Dude.lite_edited.png

When you're ready to deliver some plastic to the HUB, remember to take your phone with, so the HUB team can identify you. Remember - ONLY the person whose photo appears on the app will be allowed to deliver plastic and receive payment.

Cartoon.Facial Recognition.lite.AdobeStock_260737324.png

Still have questions? Let us know - we can help!

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