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Is it true that PlastX Collectors earn more for scrap plastic?

It's true! The reason is that our buyers are getting precisely what they want - so they're prepared to pay more for it. That's why it's so important that you collect EXACTLY what is requested in the PlastX app (type, colour and condition). The price (per kilo) will always be clearly shown on the app, so you'll know exactly what you will earn for the plastic you collect. When you bring your plastic to the Hub, you won't have to haggle to get a good price. As soon as your plastic is checked and verified, you'll be paid the advertised price.

Who can register to become a PlastX Collector?

Anyone can register to be a PlastX Collector, provided they are 18 years or older, and have a cell phone with internet access and an email address.

Can I just start collecting without registering?

No, the hub will only accept plastic from registered PlastX Collectors

How will I know what to collect?

When you browse available jobs, the PlastX App will clearly say what KIND of plastic you need to collect; what colour; whether labels need to be removed, and whether the plastic needs to be clean. The App will provide a link to the Job Specifications - which you need to read before accepting a job. The Specs can be downloaded for further reference.

Also, we've created this online guide to help you understand the different kinds of plastic you may have to collect.

Remember to ONLY include the type of plastic requested in your collection.

I'm collecting for 2 different PlastX jobs. Is it OK to mix the collections together?

Each job is completely separate. It's important that you don't combine the plastics from other jobs.

Where do I take my collection?

When you're ready to deliver your collection (or part of it), take it to the Collector Hub shown in your PlastX App

What is a Collector Hub?

A Collector Hub is a space where we accept and verify plastic collections. A Hub might be a store, a service station, or even a 'snack' truck parked in a specific location.

Read more about Hubs here.

Can I take my Collection to any Hub?

ONLY the Hub indicated in the App for your job is able to accept your Collection. Be sure to check the address before attempting to drop off your Collection.

How do I get paid?

What if my collection is late?

When you commit to a delivery date on the PlastX App, it is extremely important that you deliver on or before that date. We will always try to accept a collection, but we cannot guarantee payment if your collection is late.

What if my collection isn't verified?

Verification is required to ensure that your collection is the correct type of plastic, in the correct condition and the promised quantity (by weight). If you have collected the wrong plastic - or mixed different kinds together, the Hub Manager will let you know. You can then remove any incorrect material and resubmit your collection for verification.

Can I collect more plastic than I committed to?

You can increase or decrease your commitment at any time prior to the delivery date by changing the quantity in the PlastX App.

Can the whole family collect together?

Anyone can become a PlastX Collector, provided they are of legal working age.

We understand that families may choose to collect as a group, but it is important to understand that NO CHILD can become a PlastX Collector. Any adult found to be using underage collectors will be banned from the program, and their collections will not be accepted. 

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Understand the Job

When you collect for PlastX, you earn more for your plastic because you are collecting exactly what the buyer wants. So make sure that you completely understand the job requirements before you start collecting. If there's anything you don't understand, speak to the team at your local Hub, or reach out to us here.

Collect the RIGHT Stuff

When you have committed to a job, you can ONLY include the specified plastic in your collection. If you accidentally submit the wrong kind of plastic, or if you include something other than plastic, your collection will be rejected.

ALWAYS read your Job Specs carefully. Learn about the different kinds of plastic here.

Don't Over-Commit

Only commit to collecting the quantity you are confident you can deliver. If you are struggling to meet your target, just go to the PlastX App and reduce the amount you have committed to. If you find that you can collect more, you can also increase your commitment in the App.

Safety First!

Your safety is THE most important thing.

Always wear protective clothing (gloves and footwear at least) - and never try to collect a piece of plastic if it's dangerous to do so.

It's a Child-Free Zone

We love kids, but PlastX is designed for adults who want to collect scrap plastic, and earn. Only people of legal working age can become PlastX Collectors. 

Still have questions?
Let us know, and we'll find the answers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hints & Tips for Collectors

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