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The PlastX App will tell you exactly what kind of plastic to collect – for instance HDPE or PET or LDPE… but what do they all mean, and how can you tell them apart?
This guide will help.

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It's easy to think of plastic as just one thing. It's all plastic, right?

But there are literally thousands of different types of plastic (known as Polymers or Resins).

Fortunately, there's only a handful of resins that we come across frequently, and each has its own internationally recognised code that identifies it.

These are the International Resin Codes, or IRCs.

There are 6 specific categories, and a 7th (Other) category for any resins that don't belong in the main 6.


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It might look tricky, but it's easy when you break it down! So, we've devised 7 easy lessons to help you on your way. Start here with LESSON 1 - PET!

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Have any questions about plastic types, or what to collect? Let us know - we can help!

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