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Low Density Polyethylene

Lesson 4: LDPE

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Loaf of bread in clear LDPE plastic bag
LDPE plastic bag of oranges

Need to know about a different plastic?

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Low Density Polyethylene & Linear Low Density Polyethylene
3 full plastic garbage bags

The International Resin Code for LDPE & LLDPE  is

LDPE is often confused with HDPE, but there are distinct differences:

LDPE is softer, clearer, and very much more flexible than HDPE.

LDPE's strength and flexibility make it perfect for things like bubble wrap, cling film, and soft, stretchy plastic bags.

LLDPE is a variation of LDPE, and is most commonly used to extend the shelf life of fresh foods

LDPE is 

  • Strong

  • Soft

  • Pliable

  • Naturally Transparent, but can be coloured

LDPE is used for

  • Trash Bags

  • Shrink wraps

  • Bubble wrap

  • Shopping bags


Pallet Wrap

Boxes on Pallet wrapped in LDPE plastic

Shrink Wrap


Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap

These soft and pliable produce bags

LDPE plastic bag of oranges
Roll of LDPE plastic produce bags
Loaf of bread in clear LDPE plastic bag

But NOT these crackly sounding Shopping Bags. These are made from HDPE...

multi colored HDPE shopping bags

 > Insider's tip: You can tell the difference between LDPE and HDPE shopping bags by scrunching them up: the HDPE bags make a LOUD crackling sound!

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IRC Codes Sequence_edited_edited.png

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