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Why Become a PlastX Collector?



  • As long as you have collected the correct plastic, as per the job listing on the PlastX App, there will ALWAYS be a buyer for your plastic. (And no need to haggle to get a fair price!)


  • Our customers pay fair market rates - and often a bit more - because they know they're getting the plastic they want. And because there are no middlemen, there's more money to pay PlastX Collectors.


  • Help is available 24/7 here at Check out our help centre for everything you need to know about plastic.

Who Can be a Collector?


ANY ADULT can become a registered PlastX Collector.

You need to be 18 years or older, have a mobile or cellphone with internet access and an email account.

When you register, you must upload a recent photograph of yourself for identification purposes. When approved, you'll receive a welcome email and you'll be ready to view and select jobs on the PlastX App.

Choosing a Job


Jobs on the PlastX App clearly show you:

  • What kind of plastic is needed

  • The colour and condition of the plastic

  • The date it is required by, and

  • The location (hub) for drop-off.

All you have to do is to select the amount that you feel you can collect by the due date, and confirm your choice.

A Job is a Commitment!


When you accept a job on the PlastX App, you must deliver

  • The correct plastic (in the right colour and condition)

  • The right quantity (you don't need to deliver it all in one go, but you DO need to deliver what you commit to).

  • To the right location (hub)

  • By the due date

If your circumstances change, and you can't supply what you agreed to, that's OK - just amend your commitment on the App.

Our Commitment to You...


When you commit to a Job, we commit to you.

Payment for that plastic is reserved for you, and no-one else can get it. We will pay you the agreed price whenever you deliver:

  • The right plastic

  • The right quantity

  • On time, to the hub shown on the App

No haggling, no worries!



We will ALWAYS pay the agreed price when a Registered Collector delivers what they committed to (the correct type, quantity, condition, and any other requirements of plastic) to the nominated PlastX Hub.

Hubs may not carry cash, and so PlastX reserves the right to make payments direct to your e-wallet. Read more about payments here.

Help is at Hand!


The reason that PlastX collectors earn more for their plastic

is because buyers are getting EXACTLY what they specify. So it's important that you collect the right plastic every time. Before you start, make sure you have read the Specifications for your particular Job.

The Which Plastic? page will help you understand the different kinds of plastic, and how to identify them.

And if you need any more info, help is just a click away!

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