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 PLASTX hubs

What is a Hub, and Why is it Needed?

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The Hub is where REGISTERED PLASTX COLLECTORS take their plastic to be checked and weighed for payment. 

When you have collected a minimum of 1 kilo of plastic, and have logged the delivery on the PlastX app, you can take it to your local Hub for payment.

The PlastX hub in your area might be a service station, a shopfront - or even a converted 'snack truck'!

The app will show you exactly where to go.

What will happen at the Hub when I bring in my plastic?


Firstly, the Hub Team will check your photo on the app.

This is to ensure that no-one else can claim your earnings, and that no children are involved in collecting for PlastX.

(If you're a youthful looking adult, you might also be asked to show some ID that proves your age!). 

Checking the plastic at the Hub

Your plastic collection will be checked against the job specifications.

Because PlastX customers are very specific about what they need, the Hub Team must check every collection to make sure that it ONLY contains the right kind of plastic in the right condition.

If there is anything else, such as the incorrect type of plastic, or paper, gravel, or any other foreign material, the collection will be rejected. The Hub Manager's decision to accept or reject a collection is final.


Cartoon weighing scale.lite_edited.png

Your Collection will be weighed, and you'll be paid.


When the Hub Manager has confirmed that your collection contains the correct plastic, it will be weighed, and you will be paid the price per kilo, as stated on the App. 

Hub Teams are not permitted to change the price for any reason. No deductions, no discounts, no haggling. 

For everyone's safety, HUBs do not carry cash. Payment will be made direct to your e-wallet.

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