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LDPE garbage bags.lite_edited.png

PlastX collections are assessed, quality-checked and weighed at the hub.

If a collection fails to comply with these specifications, it will be rejected, and no payment will be made.

So, it is vitally important that you read and understand these specifications.

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Spec Sheet for Collectors

PlastX Job Number




Colour & Condition



Veolia Circular Polymer, Thailand

Post Consumer Plastic Film

PE (Polyethylene), specifically LDPE & LLDPE

UNCOLOURED, Transparent, clean, dry, uncontaminated

As per Individual Commitment


Post Consumer means material which has been discarded by an end consumer. Post Consumer material does NOT include manufacturing scraps or waste.

FILM means plastic sheets, bags and wraps that are less than a quarter of a millimeter thick.

PE means Polyethylene - a polymer primarily used in packaging

LDPE means Low Density Polyethylene; LLDPE means Linear Low Density Polyethylene - types of Polyethylene, with the International Resin Code:


LDPE and LLDPE are the ONLY types of PE accepted in this job. All  other polymers - including HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) - are specifically excluded.

LDPE and LLDPE are SOFT, STRONG, PLIABLE, and STRETCHY plastics. They are naturally quite transparent, with a slight milkiness, but may also be colored. The following shows some of the more common applications of L/LDPE:

Shrink Wrap

Bubble Wrap

LDPE Bubble

Pallet Wrap

LDPE Pallet wrap.lite.AdobeStock_469752727.png
LDPE Cling Wrap roll.lite_edited.png

Cling Film

LDPE cling film.capsicums.lite.AdobeStock_507305525.png
Trash Bags
LDPE garbage bags.lite_edited.png

Produce Bags

LDPE Produce Bag.liote.AdobeStock_59058639.png
LDPE Bag roll.lite.AdobeStock_45314063.png

Shopping Bags

PlastX Spec Sheet_VEO_BKK001 2022-09-19 15-32-42.png

Ziplock Bags

Bezall 100Pcs Clear Plastic Ziplock Bags Resealable Poly Food Storage Packing Bags for Jew
LDPE garbage bags.lite_edited.png

Note that for job BKK_VE.001, colored films will NOT be accepted. Clear films only.



  • Clear UNCOLORED LDPE & LLDPE films only

  • Plastic must not be degraded from extended exposure to the elements

  • Plastic must be clean and dry

  • Plastic  must be free from contamination by food, paper, wood, metal or stone (a small amount of dust contamination, or paper labels is acceptable)

  • Moisture level must be less than 5%


  • Large degree of contamination (as detailed above) are found

  • Films are contaminated with chemicals

  • Plastics other than LDPE/ LLDPE are detected

  • Large amounts of adhesive tape or sticker labels are found

  • Films are contaminated with large amounts of soot


LDPE and LLDPE belong to the Polyethylene family of plastics. They are SOFT, STRONG, PLIABLE and STRETCHY - qualities that make them ideal for lighter packaging items such as shrink wrap, pallet wrap, food and beverage packaging, and - significantly - PLASTIC BAGS.

HDPE - also a member of the Polyethylene family - is dense, durable and rigid. Because of its different properties, it is assigned a separate International Resin Code (HDPE is 2; LDPE is 4). HDPE is often used for pipes and tubing, outdoor furniture, or for strong packaging (for example bottle caps, plastic milk bottles, and bottles for household cleaners).

But, HDPE is also commonly used to make plastic bags. So, how can you tell if the plastic in your hand is LDPE…?

LDPE is quiet-ish!

Cartoon Secret_AdobeStock_269387490_edited(1).jpg

Because HDPE is more rigid, it makes a loud crackling noise when scrunched.
Softer LDPE is noticeably quieter.

Green crumpled plastic bag - HDPE

LDPE is stretchy...

LDPE is soft, slippery,and pliable. It stretches easily and then breaks.

But HDPE resists stretching -

and is much harder to break.

100 x Plastic Carry Bags Large With Die Cut Handle - LDPE - Glossy Light Pink 2022-09-08 1

Job Specifications Sheet

Click HERE to learn more about LDPE & LLDPE

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